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Dear Members,

Welcome back to our Members' Club!

I am blessed to have you all and thank you

for allowing me to share my thoughts with

you. I hope you all are enjoying the sunny

days we have so far here in Vancouver!


I love a breezy summer day. After the birth

of my daughter, I realized everything comes

in a timing even my own passions and

hobbies too. I have to put my passions and

hobbies on the side for a little while. It is a

time of realization that there is a little baby

that requires my full attention at all time.

It is all about love, bonding, and nurturing

so in hope that one day my little one will

grow up to be an awesome woman to hang

out with.


When it comes to summer, I know many of you would probably prefer to go to the beach. So I thought we can have a bit of fun to talk about the must have items when you go to the beach this summer.


I have to be honest I am not so much of a beach person.  My body is not well trained enough to be under the sun for too long.  I remembered back in elementary school days, all the students were required to stand outside to listen to all the announcements and what the principal had to say for the day. I literally fainted a few times; therefore, if I can choose I prefer to stay under the shade!  I prefer to go for a nice walk and enjoy the sun that way.  

Lets look at the "Top 5 Must Have Items for your Beach Trips" and I've created the visual on the top of the post so it is easier to refer to. 


1) Sunscreen, natural makeup, facial mist, and a lip gloss


When you are under the sun for a long period of time, your body and face get tanned. Therefore, by having some of the light makeup will help your skin achieve that natural energized glow. It is really important to pre-prep the skin and face to the best, so less damage will occur. How to pre-prep your skin perhaps we could talk about that in another time in the Members' Club.



I think right now most of us have a better understanding on using sunscreen prior going out especially on a sunny day. If you are not under the sun for a long period of time, SPF 30 is usually sufficient since 97% of UVB rays are blocked. However, the sunscreen brand I use, they mostly have SPF 60 ones, but that is more of the personal preferences.


Natural Makeup

When doing outdoor activities, you want to avoid having heavy makeup on the face. The lighter it is the better since it allows the pores to breathe while sweating. There are quite a few choices available these days, and it really depends on your preferences again.


If your skin is pretty amazing to start off with. Good for you, because you don't need to worry about coverage for pimple scars. Tinted SPF moisturizer is for you, the texture should be like lotion or your ordinary moisturizer with just a little tinted skin tone colour. Another option is CC cream, this one emphasizes more on colour correcting and even out your skin tone. It improves the tiredness and uneven skin tone issues. I really recommend this if you are looking for a light weight tinted moisturizer with additional skincare benefits added. Same goes with BB cream, but this one is suitable for those of you that wants more coverage for your face. There are times, I would switch back and forth from BB and CC cream depends on my day to day skin condition. I would not go out without it, because it is an extra layer of protection for my facial skin under the UVA and UVB rays.  If you would like to have more coverage, concealers could be used on top of these tinted SPF moisturizers.  


Facial Mist

It is handy to carry a facial mist with you not only to help you cool down, but it can help to relieve that burning sensation and keep your facial skin moisturized. If you know how to make a DIY facial mist that is even better.


Lip Gloss

The sunscreen and the tinted moisturizer provides an overall protection for your face and body. With a little added lip gloss, it will bring so much vitality to your face due to the colour and shimmering effect of the lip gloss. I find light pink and light coral pink give that natural lip a more healthier glow. If you are with your girlfriends and you will be taking lots of selfie pictures. You would want to use your favourite lip sticks along with your lip gloss.

2) Water Bottle

It is very crucial to replenish hydration when you are out in the sun. Therefore, a good durable water bottle that can withstand the heat would be essential. The disposable plastic bottled waters can be very convenient, but it does not withstand the heat well. It is best to finish them quickly.  The quality of the water is the best when it is in a glass water bottle or a metal water bottle. 

3) Sarong 


I really like to pick out pieces that are versatile and can be used in many ways if you are creative enough. Sarong is one of them, and it definitely requires practice if you want to master it well. The fabric itself is very light weighted and it's suitable for beach because it is breathable. Just make sure you pick out a good comfortble cotton based tanktop or t-shirt then you are ready to rock your beach look.


Harper Bazaar posted a really good video in demonstrating how you can wear a sarong. I thought I would post the video below for our members to check it out and hopefully use it for the summer ;)


Useful Harper Bazaar's Sarong Video







4) Sunhat

Any hat would do the work, but you want to make sure it has the extended brim to ensure a full coverage of the face, shoulder, and neck. A good sunhat could help keep you cool and shaded for at least an hour or two depends on the duration of the stay at the beach. Straw hats are very commonly used these days.

5) Flip flops


Flip flop is waterproofed and it is easy on your feet. You will need a footwear that is comfortable for you to walk around.  It allows easy cleaning afterwards and it comes in many colours and styles these days if you are looking for a more stylish look.








John 14:6 - Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Beach Essentials

July 2017

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