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 Thank you for being a part of the Members Club! It is such an honour to share with you all and to have you in the circle so we can embrace the Positive Image Journey together.

Here it comes the winter season finally! I say it in joy, because I really love those cozy knitted sweaters and jackets. Despite of all the comfortable clothing, a joyful holiday is also around the corner! It is when we reunite with our loved ones. Some may start stressing out simply because the Christmas to do list just goes on and on like it will never end. The stress level is so high that you might be getting a few wrinkles and pimples due to the lack of sleep. Oh no! It is that time of the year and we just want to look perfect in the family portraits. No worries! Hopefully after reading this month's Members Club article, you will embrace and improve so you can have your own healthy skin glow.


In order to understand the right skincare for your skin, you need to learn to embrace your own facial skin.








1) Are you troubled by having pimples, scars, black heads, oily skin, or dry patches on your face at the moment?


2) What is your skin type: oily/combination/dry?


3) Which area would you like to improve the most? Which one is more urgent? Healthier overall complexion/dark spots/wrinkles/dryness/or pimples and scars?


A Few Tips on Caring Your Own Skin in Winter



1) Eat raw veggies and fruits that are rich in Vitamin C.

You are what you eat is certainly no joke. Vitamin C has long been known as the anti-aging superstar. Anything that has Vitamin C will help to rejuvenate your skin, even skin tone, and reduce wrinkles. I am sure everyone wants that!


2) Replenish hydration ALWAYS.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued new recommendations and the new guidelines remove the eight-glasses-a-day water intake recommendation. It is now recommended that women take about 11 cups and men take about 15 cups for total fluid intake, including fluid from all food and beverages.


(Source: The Wonders of Water By Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD)


3) Daily moisturization is a MUST.


In order to find out what is the most suitable moisturizing cream, lotion and oil for you, you need to understand your own skin type. For those who have combination and dry skin, it is important to apply the richer texture cream and oil. The oil not only helps to moisturize the skin, but it forms a protective barrier to ensure the skin locks the moisture and maintain its suppleness.

In winter time, it may require more effort to care for the skin, but if you give the time it will surely pay off in the long run.  Sometimes we may still envy the flawless models on the TV commercials. Why can we not look like them you asked? The facial skin seems so perfect and a brown spot or a freckle is not even visible.

Understand your skin and learn to embrace it is important. It is okay not be perfect, but what you can certainly learn to do is to care for yourself so you look neat and tidy. Positive Image Journey is all about learning to overcome prejudice and fear about how others perceive you.


When it comes to the daily facial skincare regimen, what others use may not be suitable for you. The most expensive cream may appear to be not as effective as it advertised. Try things out yourself and keep on exploring what is the best for you. Because you are the key to your own healthy glow and happiness.


Wish you all have a glowing and healthy skin for the winter.






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