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"In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic.”  ― Howard Schultz

“Personal branding is sales, because you’re selling an image of yourself, a mirage, and you are the product.”      ― Jarod Kintz

Thank You!

Phone Interview - Admission

Having no fluent English speaking, I did not think I had much of a shot at impressing the Admission Committee during interview, but thought my best bet would be to ensure I had a killer consultant. Once my application was accepted for doctoral study with full scholarship, I knew Judy's expertise and tips played a big part.

―  CH, was admitted to University of Pennsylvania, UC Davis, Michigan State University in 2009 and later accepted MSU's offer with full scholarship


Great Work!

After my husband passed away I immediately became the owner of the company, I was faced with many challenges. The first thing was I did not know how to dress confidently. With the total makeover that Judy provided, I was able to regain that self-esteem inside me. She has a total new perspective on what the real genuine image should be like. Her business etiquette training taught me how to build rapports with my existing clients and potential new clients. I am glad my overall image was transformed, and the company was now growing even stronger and successful than before.

― Catherine, Owner


Dedicated and highly recommended!

I never had any image consultation in my life; therefore, few days before the consultation day I was a little nervous because I am not sure what to expect through the session.

Judy is very friendly and easy going.  She is super committed and dedicated in what she loves to do!  

She listened so well to my needs and ensured that I was comfortable in every way.  

She was good to reveal the true potential side that even I was not aware of.  

She did not try to convert me into becoming someone else, but she gently guided and listened to my concerns and responded accordingly.  

One of the many things I learned from her was it is important to be courages and always be willing to try new things.  If it does not work it is totally OK ;). Thanks Judy for a valuable learning curve!  I have to give you five stars!  I wish you the best in your future endeavour!

― Sue, Early Childhood Education Supervisor



I got my confidence back!

The photographer and Judy worked so well together. They taught me how to use the pose and how to show my confidence.  The feeling was so good, just like she used the camera to write down my life, also used the camera to find a totally different side of me.  In the end, I was impressed with the result of the pictures.

I trust her skills.  Because through the experience, she showed the unreveiled side of me that I did not even believe it was myself.  Trust Judy, because she has the high skill no matter from makeup or wardrobe mix and matching.  She made me realized that there is no ugly woman in the world, only lazy woman.

― Sunny, Student of Simon Fraser University


It's all worth it!

Because of Judy, I had so many compliments on how great I looked at my mother's 80th Birthday.  That night I felt so confident in front of this large crowd of family.  Special Occassion like this I know it's all worth it!

Grace, Former B & B Owner


Great memory!

I came to Judy a few days before my best friend's wedding.  She went over my wardrobe and offered a few options.  The morning of the actual wedding day, we finalized the outfit and she did a makeover on me.  My friends were surprised that I actually even had makeup on.  My friends gave me great compliments.  It was great!  Thanks to Judy for such a great memory.
― Abigail, Elementary English Teacher
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