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Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you all. It sure does feel quite some time since my last posting. I am like all of you participating in this Positive Image Journey along the way. My closet may not be perfect, and my home may be messy at times as our little one is crawling and constantly exploring her books and toys. It is a fact  I learned after being a mother, and that is everything doesn't have to be perfect. You can imagine what kind of person I am before the arrival of my baby.


In the past three months a lot has happened. Soon after I got back from a trip visiting my loved ones, my husband started moving boxes and boxes of items from our in law's place because they are selling their house. Since then my unpacking duty has started and I have to say it's a real challenge. When the house is full of stuff, it is just hard to add any more to it. Therefore, decluttering has been so essential and it reminds me that I am just a sojourner on earth. I am a Christian so I believe one day I will go to the place that Jesus prepared ahead of the time. It is a good reminder for me to be satisfy with what I have constantly, and not allowing that impulse buying to take control.


How many of us enjoy buying stuffs and after a period of time they are left forgotten and the cycle goes on and on. Most of us tend to go with our little habits simply because we like to be in control with what we do. We like routines and we are used to it. However, new changes may be good, it just takes time to develop and get used to. Life is all about learning and improving for the better.


I find the sojourner attitude really helps, but then I am still learning and I figured as long as I live I will not be perfect. So what does it have to do with summer you asked? That is to reflect back to the unworn pieces and start cleaning your closet! Get those winter clothing stored away and hang up your favourite summer clothing pieces!


When it comes to summer, I like to go out and walk as much as I can. I enjoy travelling a lot, but it is harder with a little one or at least I can't say I have totally mastered it. I really enjoy the stretchable fabrics of my summer clothes. They allow me to walk around for at least two hours or more.


This summer, I feel like playing around with my accessories more since I tend to be a minimalist at times. I try not have too many rings on my fingers or bracelets on my hands. But it's me, that's my personal style. What's your personal style? How often do you wear clothing with different Colour? What do you want your friends to feel when they go out with you? Are you too casual for a summer event or too over dressed?


Think of the bright nature colors that you see such as yellow, green, white, floral colour such as fuchsia, teal, tiffany blue, coral pink, cobalt blue, light purple and try incorporating at least one to begin with if you are not so familiar with which colour works for you. If you are up for the challenge then remind yourself to wear as much colours as often as you can.


3 Tips for Summer Wardrobe Arrangements


1)Prioritize your fun and colourful pieces of clothing first.


Start hanging your fun colorful one piece dress, floral pattern jumpsuit or romper in an area of the closet where It's easily accessible. If they are at the very corner of your closet, your chances of wearing them are very slim because they are hiding and you probably will not notice them often enough.


2) Place your tanks and sleeveless tops in somewhere visible


Tank tops and sleeveless are so versatile. If you have them in different fabrics such as laces, cotton,or silk that is even much better. You could wear it underneath a piece of dress or a top to avoid revealing too much skin or cleavage. In a formal gathering setting, from an Image management perspective it is best to keep it formal.


3) Organize the suitable accessories for appropriate outfits


Sometimes having prearranged accessories could save you so much time without even realizing. For those clients that have worked with me before, I always recommend them to get new hangers. This hanger has a tiny hook designed for accessories only such as necklace and scarf. This way you not only see the outfit but the accessories that go with it at the same time. It avoids all the contemplating and headache and surely it is time efficient.


Have a picture of your summer closet ready yet? Why not email and share them with me? I would love to hear more feedbacks and if you have questions I am more than happy to help.


I had to admit our winter months had been crazy; therefore, a good sunny day is so precious to me! Go out as often as you can no matter it's a simple stroll with your baby, a walk in the park, a good run outside, a girls' date, or grab a drink in a coffee shop. Enjoy the nice summer breeze and the sunshine so your vitamin D is fully charged up!



Judy xx


John 14:6 - Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Summer Wardrobe Arrangements

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